[thelist] Layer flicks in Mozilla

Dan Williams dan at ithium.net
Thu Sep 11 16:56:23 CDT 2003

I can't give any solution, but I have seen this happen in a similar
situation. I recently write a short piece of JavaScript to display a
countdown timer, which basically worked by updating the contents of a
DIV. Every time the update occurred, the layer would flicker... I never
managed to find a solution and it appears to be a redraw bug in the
Mozilla core (occurs on Firebird too, so it's gotta be the shared core).

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I have a pop-up menu built using a DIV containing a list of links. The
basic and usual. I use onMouseOver and onMouseOut event on the DIV to
manage the display state of the menu (onMouseOut = display:none).

In Mozilla, each time I roll over one of the links, the DIV flicks or,
if you prefer, is being redrawn. Removing the OnMouseOut from DIV stop
the flicker so it seems like a mouseOut event is thrown at the DIV each
time I roll over a link.

Can someone explains me this behavior and provide some workaround.


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