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> From: Diane Soini
> The font-size bug is not just an annoyance because the
> examples I provided only showed the link (or in some
> cases the entire page full of text, plus all the
> block-level elements) getting bigger when you click.
> Since they didn't have popup javascript windows, they
> couldn't demonstrate the full extent of the bug, which
> is once the link is clicked, the main browser window
> reverts to the medium font-size. That is what is
> happening in the split second before the page changes.
> You just don't have time to see the weird re-painting
> thing without a popup window.

i saw it just fine on one of the urls you posted (simon willison's blog).  i
don't have time to dig into it, but i suspect it's a particular combination
of absolutely positioned elements, font-size unit combinations (like em and
keywords), and the styling applied to links (specifically the :active

i also suspect it has something to do with how full your cache is.  i
emptied mine and was unsuccessful in reproducing the bug on simon's site.

> It's alarming enough of a quirk that it causes some of
> our novice web users to think something is broken. I
> couldn't overcome it with any CSS trick.

did you try overcoming it by using a different combination of font-size

i couldn't reproduce the annoyance anywhere on santabarbarabikes.com.  a
potential troublemaker is the fact that the <!doctype> isn't on the first
line.  the way you have it now is sending ie into quirks mode.

on another note, if accessibility is such a big concern with you, then you
should think about doing something with the dropdown menu navigation.  give
this article a read for potential solutions;

Forms & JavaScript Living Together in Harmony


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