[thelist] php -> sms

Simon Willison cs1spw at bath.ac.uk
Mon Sep 15 03:59:23 CDT 2003

Paul Bennett wrote:
> Has anyone had any success in dynamically generating SMS messages with 
> php (or any scripting language)? Basicallky I want to send an sms to a 
> predefined mobile number when a new record is added to the db.
>  From what I have seen there is only manual pc software that uses a 
> cellphone connected to a COM port - I want to be able to do the same 
> thing (with phone and COM port) but using PHP and not having to have 
> someone manually format a message using dektop software?
> Any suggestions? I have had a look at: smstools via source forge but 
> have not yet got it running successfully

This is probably the internet world's best kept secret: you can send SMS 
messages to almost all American cell phones by emailing a magic address 
(a different one for each network provider). Adrian Holovaty explains 
how here:


Enjoy :)

Simon Willison

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