[thelist] Question: Security in Web pages: hashes, etc

David Slonosky david_s at tech-right.biz
Mon Sep 15 11:19:57 CDT 2003

I'm looking for one or more information pages on what constitutes a good 
set of:

- authentication page
- admin control panel-like page
- secure MySQL transactions with PHP

The business scenario is:

An admin logs in over the Web using a Web browser. After being 
authenticted, the admin is passed to the admin control panel. Here the 
admin can do a set of tasks using a PHP frontend to a MySQL database.

I imagine the answers to all this is all server dependent, so the 
hypothetical set of pages is being hosted on an Apache Web server.

I've read some stuff about passing a secure hash in the URL of the 
browser, but I'd like a complete tutorial, or a good book on the subject.

Fuddle Duddle! - Pierre Trudeau

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