[thelist] Getting back 3d input borders?

Saila, Craig csaila at globeandmail.ca
Mon Sep 15 12:07:22 CDT 2003

Jeff Howden wrote:
> unfortunately, i suspect there's no real way to set the styles back
> to the default look. 

You can get the colours back by using the System Color values of CSS 2:

For example, this works for most browsers running on Windows 9x-Windows
2000, at least:
 input { /*assumes a button*/
   background-color: ButtonFace;
   border-color: ButtonHighlight;
   border-style: outset;
 textarea {  
   background-color: Window;
   border-color: ButtonHighlight;
   border-style: inset;

And in Windows 2000 (and probably other versions, too) the default
border width is 2px. There's no way to get the users default font style
or border back via CSS.


Craig Saila
craig at saila.com : http://www.saila.com/

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