[thelist] Dynamically 'Piping' the contents of an email account to a web page?

Thomas Hebert thebert at competitivemethods.com
Mon Sep 15 15:52:36 CDT 2003

First of all, I'd like to thank the many contributors to this list. I've 
not seen the same combination of positive attitude and competent, 
informed participation anywhere else on the web.

Here's my question, is there a way to 'pipe' the contents of an email 
account to a web page? I'd like to create a kind of distance-based 
dairy, using an obscure address (something like 
dfd7fgg6gh5 at mydomain.com) and sending emails to it from various places 
around the world. I'd like to put in place 'something' (php/cgi/cron 
job/?) that periodically grabs emails that I've directed to that account 
and simply appends them to the bottom or top of an ever-growing HTML 
page (i.e. www.mydomain.com/travels.htm)

The environment I have to work with is Linux, PHP,and Sendmail on a 
hosted account. Some kind of web -based blogging application is not 
feasible because the link will never be a browser connection, but rather 
an [expensive!] low data rate satellite connect via POP email. It can be 
a shakey/non bounds-checked hack because it's not commercial - only I'll 
be using it<smile>.

Even the vaguest ideas about what might need to be done would be 


Tom Hebert

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