[thelist] [CSS] - text wrapping up, not down?

Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Mon Sep 15 16:32:08 CDT 2003

Tony Crockford wrote:

> Excuse me, but if the text is wrapping upwards, then it's not a 
> sentence is it? 

good point - I should have said it needs to float upwards? grow upwards?

> short heading         (less than 350px)
> heading
> a much longer         (more than 350px wrapped upwards) 

no - it would be

short heading         (less than 350px)

a much longer
heading         (more than 350px "grown" upwards) - see point above

> Why would it need to wrap upwards? 

Its a visual thing - graphic designer doesn't want long headings pushing 
down the content below and stuffing the layout.

Boy they are picky aren't they?

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