[thelist] Advice on using Tableless CSS layout for large eCommerce sites?

patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Mon Sep 15 18:16:15 CDT 2003

Steven Loe wrote:

>Advice on using Tableless CSS layout for large
>eCommerce sites?
>WebMonkey and ESPN have gone to tableless CSS layouts
>for their sites. I've been asked to make
>recommendations for a big eCommerce site --Whether to
>go tableless or not. Is anyone else considering
>through this or actively doing it at a high volume 
>ecommerce site? 
>Here's how I'm looking at it right now: 
>- Easier to maintain and less code, Thus: cost savings
>- Much easier/cheaper to customize/rebrand and
>personalize the site
>- Faster load times
>- Will turn away 1%-3% of site users who are using
>Netscape 4.x
>    [stats say that 4% of our users are using Netscape
>4 but we're not convinced that all of them are
>actually making purchases. -Working on getting better
>Anything else I should be considering? 
>Thanks very much,
>Steven Loe
You will not necessarily 'turn away' any users: they may not get the
site as others will, but you can still make the site accessible and usable.
    Have you considered splitting the difference and going with a hybrid
css/tables XHTML solution?


patrick sanders
web sites that fit

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