[thelist] HTML Email

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Mon Sep 15 21:22:33 CDT 2003

Diane Soini wrote:

> I was asked recently for some help on some email marketing. The person 
> was doing a somewhat complex layout in HTML for the purpose of sending 
> by email. Problem is, I don't know anything about email clients and 
> their ability to render HTML, so I wasn't sure about what you can and 
> can't do. I looked on the web but had a hard time finding anything 
> useful. Does anybody have any info about how you can write HTML for 
> email, the dos and don'ts? 

Google for: email+html+AOL and read the info for AOL's html email. Make 
your stuff fit that and all others will be handled. Do pay attention to 
the 'multipart/alternative' content type and having plani text and html 
in the same email so non-graphical readers will get the message too.

Ron D.

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