[thelist] How to page redirect user if they don't have the Java virtual machine ?

David Dalgety david at visitearth.com
Tue Sep 16 04:40:44 CDT 2003

I have a web page with a iPIX virtual tour (Java version):

It uses the Java virtual machine in the client browser to run a small
Java applet.  However some users don't have the Java virtual machine and
I would automatically like to redirect them to an iPIX plug-in version:

Is there any way in ASP I could detect yes or no for the Java virtual
machine and if no to redirect automatically to the iPIX version page?
Any other ideas on how to redirect would-be welcomed.  I'm new to ASP
and more difficult coding so step-by-step instructions would-be
appreciated :-)

Thanks for your help.

David Dalgety

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