[thelist] Weird IE6 Hijacking

Andre Genic g3nic at lycos.co.uk
Tue Sep 16 06:04:12 CDT 2003


Seems as though someone has hijacked my IE6, for some reason when I visit a
site that uses pop ups, a second one opens up and goes to this IP address which goes back to a hosting company in NYC.

The site itself is like one of those spammy search
engine pages called 8ad.com strange thing is they offer a link "Uninstall
WinShow PopUps", how the hell did their WinShoW PopUps get on my machine in
the first place, I don't download anything remotely dodgy or go on porn

A whois shows just how serious these people are about business, they display
this as there contact number +1.123456789

It's the source of the same 3 ads that are driving me nuts, now I've done
everything I know to get rid of this, but it's still happening, cleared
cache, cookies, reset IE6, the only thing left is the registry, is it even
possible to get into the registry through the browser? well what I mean is,
is it possible for embedded code to even get from the browser into the

Any help here would be great, because I'm real close to pulling IE6, plus I
want to report these clowns for all the hassle It's causing me any


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