[thelist] Weird IE6 Hijacking

Andrew andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Tue Sep 16 06:20:28 CDT 2003

I ahve just encountered a similar problem, my machine is running slower and if I
reboot I get a regedit warning can't remember without rebooting the exact

Then when I launch IE6 my home page has been reset to a search engine in the
states and I cant remember that until I reboot again.

This must be an IE6 problem, because I have only just upgraded from IE5 wait for
it... for security reasons!

Never had any problems previously, for 18 months.


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>Seems as though someone has hijacked my IE6, for some reason when I visit a
>site that uses pop ups, a second one opens up and goes to this IP address
> which goes back to a hosting company in NYC.
>The site itself is like one of those spammy search
>engine pages called 8ad.com strange thing is they offer a link "Uninstall
>WinShow PopUps", how the hell did their WinShoW PopUps get on my machine in
>the first place, I don't download anything remotely dodgy or go on porn
>A whois shows just how serious these people are about business, they display
>this as there contact number +1.123456789
>It's the source of the same 3 ads that are driving me nuts, now I've done
>everything I know to get rid of this, but it's still happening, cleared
>cache, cookies, reset IE6, the only thing left is the registry, is it even
>possible to get into the registry through the browser? well what I mean is,
>is it possible for embedded code to even get from the browser into the
>Any help here would be great, because I'm real close to pulling IE6, plus I
>want to report these clowns for all the hassle It's causing me any
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