[thelist] [CSS] - text wrapping up, not down?

Boris Mann boris_mann at sympatico.ca
Mon Sep 15 18:37:50 CDT 2003

On Monday, September 15, 2003, at 06:53 PM, Paul Bennett wrote:

>> and how does the graphic designer define how
>> much room there is, before the upwards push runs out of available 
>> room and
>> of necessity pushes things down again?
> 83 pixels my friend, or enough room for 3 lines of wrapping header 
> text - I think Tony Crockford may be on to something with the 
> vertical-align: bottom thing - is this well supported?

I tried this with a couple of DIVs -- in Safari on OSX, the text still 
wrapped down.

My guess is that only table cells like this property.

Boris Mann

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