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Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 16 09:28:38 CDT 2003

--- Jeff Howden <jeff at jeffhowden.com> wrote:

> personally, like rudy, i've used practically every other browser
> out there and none of them get the job done for me like ie6.  
> sure, it's got it's quirks, but at least i can count on those 
> quirks not changing with every single point release unlike some 
> other browser i know.

I have to admit that I too was pointed to the Firebird/Mozilla
developer bandwagon because IE is so "horrible". I tried Firebird for
awhile and for some things it is nice, but unfortunately it gets a
fair amount of things wrong. Things don't render as nice it seems to
me, and I tend to have more problems than I ever did with IE6.

Firebird claims to be so much faster than IE as well, but I didn't
find that to really be the case. I didn't like Opera at all, and it
seems NS7 and Mozzy suffer from similar problems that Firebird does,
only sometimes worse. The 'user profile' or whatever it is on those
browsers is ridiculous too. 

So I continue to use IE because *for me* its the most reliable.

On top of all of this, there is a disturbing trend with my clients
this year. It's called "IE5+ only development." If the project is
under any kind of quick deadline, its always IE5+ only. Or its "if it
works in NS/Moz that's fine, but don't put extra time into it." (as
if writing compliant code take all kinds of 'extra time'). So I end
up developing with IE anyway and writing IE specific code which
doesn't even work in other browsers (which is a bummer, because the
Moz JS debugger is sweet). Generally these are specific applications
for intranets or installed desktops - but not always. - but that is
another topic.

I don't know where browser development is headed, but its going to be
an interesting next couple years for developers. 

Lastly - 'clicking on the wrong thing' will get you in just as much
trouble in the 'other' browsers as well. :)


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