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Paul Bennett paul at teltest.com
Tue Sep 16 18:23:49 CDT 2003

J. Anthony Peth wrote:

>I'm new to this list and to web design.
>I'd like to create a simple shopping cart for a website I'm building. Can
>anyone recommend a good book or tutorial for a beginner/non-programmer?
wow - that question is kind of like trying to drink through a firehose!
Welcome to theList Tony.

Firstly are you building for fun or profit?
If for profit, you may want to check out some readily available products 
(both freely available  (phpshop comes to mind) and pay-for)
There are also hosting companies which offer a shopping cart built in as 
part of their service.

If for fun, then pick a technology and a good book.
PHP is my  scripting language of choice, as it is very web-focussed, has 
a shallow learning curve and is widely available
Luke Thomson and Laura Wellings "PHP and MySQL Web Development" book is 
an excellent introduction to this area and I beleive has a shopping cart 
example  in there

Other common server-side scripting language choices you could look at are:
Java (much steeper learning curve)
Python ( I have heard good things)

Let us know how you get on - there are a a lot of big brains on the list 
to help you out along the way


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