[thelist] no MySQL options

Roger Harness magic32 at jps.net
Wed Sep 17 02:41:13 CDT 2003

'Volters, this is sort of a follow-up question to one I had earlier about a
non-MySQL website connecting to a MySQP enabled site to take advantage of
the database features.

(We have a website for a retail store, and I'd just like to set up some
dynamic 'Products' pages to read our 3000+ plus/skus.)

The main site is hosted by Earthlink, and they do not support any type of

I have my own stuff hosted on a server that *does* support MySQL/etc. I had
originally asked if it was possible to set it up so that a script on the
earthlink site could access the database on my site.

Some folks on here told me even if it was possible, it probably wouldn't be
a very good idea, because of security, and speed issues.

SOOOO...short of switching hosts, does anyone have any suggestions to
accomplish this? I'd like to at least give the appearance of the user
staying at the original retail site, so I was given the idea of using an
'invisible frame' type thing, so the user wouldn't even know he's been taken
to my site for the database access, but I'd kinda like to stay away from
frames if I could!

Has anyone had to deal with any scenarios like this? Any working examples?
Maybe just some re-directs? Am I just asking too much with this??

As always, tia!

-Roger Harness

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