[thelist] no MySQL options

Ken Moore cor412 at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 17 07:36:00 CDT 2003

Sad to say but Simon is right. Your choices are to switch to spend half of 
your time doing work arounds. That does not pay.


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>Roger Harness wrote:
>>The main site is hosted by Earthlink, and they do not support any type of
>>I have my own stuff hosted on a server that *does* support MySQL/etc. I 
>>originally asked if it was possible to set it up so that a script on the
>>earthlink site could access the database on my site.
>>Some folks on here told me even if it was possible, it probably wouldn't 
>>a very good idea, because of security, and speed issues.
>>SOOOO...short of switching hosts, does anyone have any suggestions to
>>accomplish this?
>Why are you keen on avoiding switching hosts? Hosting is a buyer's market 
>these days - if you shop around you can get an excellent Linux based 
>hosting package with MySQL, PHP and all the trimmings for a very low 
>monthly price ($10/month or less is pretty common).
>If you really don't want to move, I wouldn't suggest using frames simply 
>because they will prevent your users from bookmarking items in your site or 
>accessing the URL for pasting in to emails etc. In my opinion, access to 
>the URL is far more important than the vanity detail of ensuring your 
>domain name is in the title bar at all times.
>One other option, provided the content you don't need the users to interact 
>with the content from the database (by searching it for example), would be 
>to write scripts running on another server that generate static HTML files 
>from the information in the database then have an automated script that 
>transfers those generated static files to your Earthlink server via FTP or 
>SSH. PHP, Python and Perl all have FTP capabilities. Once written, the 
>script could be set up to run automatically every 24 hours or so.
>The ideal solution though is to simply find another host.
>Simon Willison
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