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Tim Burgan burgan at iprimus.com.au
Wed Sep 17 10:01:04 CDT 2003

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From: "Andrew"

: Would anyone know why IE6 is resetting my home page to:
: http://global-finder.com/101/ everytime I reboot?
: I have deleted all history and cookies and it still happens :(

I had this problem --

I solved it with the 'SpyBot Search & Destroy' freeware application [1].
I works a treat - I highly recommend it. It's definitions are also updated
regularly at the click of a button within the software.

I also has received a 5 STAR rating [2] from ZDNet.

Hope this helps (I'm sure it will!)
I think you'll be suprised how much spyware is on your machine - I certainly

[1] <http://www.safer-networking.org/>
[2] <http://reviews-zdnet.com.com/4505-3514_16-20848563.html?tag=search>


Tim Burgan

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