[thelist] some CSS and other questions

Ken Wan kwan at tourismwhistler.com
Wed Sep 17 13:00:59 CDT 2003

Okay. I've been doing some research on CSS and have a few questions that
have cropped up. Hoping someone here can answer them:

First, is it possible to place multiple background images on a page using
CSS? I mean, if I set up a background image to not repeat, that would
potentially leave room for multiple background images. Is this possible?

Second, I know you can control the spaces between lines of text. However,
I've searched for options for controlling the distance between paragraphs
but have come up empty. Is this possible? Perhaps I'm not looking in the
right place or am not thinking in the right direction.

Finally, during my research, I decided to test various well-known sites of
companies to see if they validate. I've noticed that most are either not
including the <doctype> tag or indicating the character set used. Everything
I've read indicates that these are pretty essential for building proper
pages. If this is so, why are some of these companies (that should know
"better") not including them.


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