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Jono Young Jono at brookgroup.com
Wed Sep 17 13:08:07 CDT 2003

I'd recommend the PowerBook 17"  The G5 most likely won't make it to Apple's
laptop for quite some time.  Apple is still committed to Motorola, which
makes the G4 chips, so I think it will be a good long while before the G5
hits laptops.  Also, getting the heat of the G5 cool enough to run in a
laptop is a big challenge that must be over come first.  The G5 desktop
systems have 8 0r 9 fans in them to keep the G5 running cool, and fitting
that many fans into a laptop is near impossible...even for Apple.  Apple
just released a new line of laptops, which will meet the requirements you
listed.  The G4 line of laptops all have a beautiful screens, and enough
power to drive what ever application you need.  You never know what Apple is
going to do next, so don't be surprised to hear shortly after your final
decision that they have put out a G5 laptop.

On 9/17/03 1:21 PM, "toni howard" <tonithatcher at earthlink.net> wrote:

>> I absolutely love my Dell Inspiron 8500; the 1,920 x 1,600 resolution
>> works wonders.
>> My base set-up is a 2.6GHz, 512MB of RAM and I've had zero issues to
>> date.  Best with a docking station, IMHO.
>> HTH,
>> Russ
> Me too! I have an Dell Inspiron 8500 with the ULTRASHARP screen, nothing
> beats it. I also have a PowerBook G4, which is fine for traveling a bit
> light, but the screen, speed, and comparable availability of diverse
> programs falls far short of my Dell Inspiron 8500, it's truly the best.
> Toni
>>> Optional: Firewire 800's, USB2's.
>>> Does anyone have any recommendations?
>>> What do you use?
>>> What would you want to use?
>>> Is there anything available that has my wishful above setup?
>>> I'm looking a Wintel machine at the moment, but would look
>>> long and hard at a PowerBook when they come out with G5's in
>>> them (whenever that'll be).
>>> Thanks
>>> Tim Burgan

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