[thelist] some CSS and other questions

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Wed Sep 17 13:39:27 CDT 2003

Ken Wan wrote:

> First, is it possible to place multiple background images on a page using
> CSS? I mean, if I set up a background image to not repeat, that would
> potentially leave room for multiple background images. Is this possible?

Nope, but you can put multiple images in an absolutely positioned
div with a z-index below your content.

> Second, I know you can control the spaces between lines of text. However,
> I've searched for options for controlling the distance between paragraphs
> but have come up empty. Is this possible? Perhaps I'm not looking in the
> right place or am not thinking in the right direction.

You need to understand the "box model", as it applies to margins
and padding particularly; see --


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