[thelist] Laptop - Web Design Wishlist

Anthony Baker lists at thinkbigideas.com
Wed Sep 17 13:47:34 CDT 2003

| The keyboard just reeks. I think it's awful. The feel is mushy, you
| can't remap the useless CAPS LOCK key, the arrow keys are unusably
| tiny... bah.

Have been jonesing for an Apple 15" PowerBook, but held off
specifically because the keyboard issue. 

Now, however, they've updated the model and it's got the 
great keyboard found in the 15" and 17" models. The keys
all light up in the dark (which is supposedly really cool),
and they're much more responsive. Also, I'm hoping that
the keys are tighter. 

The old 15" keyboard seemed, for whatever reason, to have
oversized keys in comparison to your standard desktop
keyboard. Hated it.

Now if they could only come out with a two-button mouse. 

Word to Apple: You're UNIX now! Oy.

Still the Porsche of laptops, though. 


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