[thelist] Coldfusion and Root Relative Links

Jason Sweeney jason at designshift.com
Wed Sep 17 13:54:24 CDT 2003

Long time lurker, first time poster. Got a Coldfusion question:

I would like to use root-relative links on the site I'm maintaining and 
I'm partially there. Regular HTML links on the site can be written as:

<a href="/foo/">Foo Link</a>

and everything is beautiful.

The problem arises when I want to use root-relative links in CF tags. 
Say... if I try to use:

<cfinclude template="/foo.cfm">

I get "Error Occurred While Processing Request", followed by the page 
telling me "Note: If you wish to use an absolute template path (e.g. 
TEMPLATE="/mypath/index.cfm") with CFINCLUDE then you must create a 
mapping for the path using the ColdFusion Administrator."

What I need to know is (because our sysadmin has no idea) can a 
website's toplevel be assigned in Coldfusion Administrator as root for 
that site *if there is more than one website being run on that server*? 
Our sysadmin only knows how to do it if there is only one site on the 
server and has said that he can only move forward if I find out how it's 
done for him.

thanks for whatever help you can provide,

jason sweeney

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