[thelist] Coldfusion and Root Relative Links

Joshua Olson joshua at waetech.com
Wed Sep 17 14:02:19 CDT 2003

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> What I need to know is (because our sysadmin has no idea) can a
> website's toplevel be assigned in Coldfusion Administrator as root for
> that site *if there is more than one website being run on that server*?
> Our sysadmin only knows how to do it if there is only one site on the
> server and has said that he can only move forward if I find out how it's
> done for him.


You've just encounted one of the reasons that public CF Hosting can be a
nightmare.  The administrator lets you map the relative folders, but they
are global.  *ALL* sites will use the same set of mappings.

Joshua Olson
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