[thelist] Finding Cell providers by prefix of mobile number.

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Wed Sep 17 14:25:47 CDT 2003


I have been away from the list for awhile...Here's my tip owed.

<tip type="Streaming" author="Warbasse">
Tip - To get around the (ActiveX vs. Plugin) conflict when streaming media,
place the <embed> tag within the <object> tag so that both browsers (IE and
NS) can render it correctly.  Macs are a different story.
See more at: http://www.streamingmediabible.com/html/streammag_200304.html

Based on the discussion recently about cellphone SMS.  Does anyone know
where I might find a list of prefixes that each Cell Phone Network Provider
is assigned?  It is my understanding that numbers are assigned to each
Network Provider and that if you know the prefix of the number you can find
out the Network Provider that the number belongs to i.e. ATT&T, NexTel,
whoever.  Is this correct?

Thanks for any light you may be able to shed on this.

Phil Warbasse

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