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> Based on the discussion recently about cellphone SMS.  Does anyone know
> where I might find a list of prefixes that each Cell Phone Network
> is assigned?  It is my understanding that numbers are assigned to each
> Network Provider and that if you know the prefix of the number you can
> out the Network Provider that the number belongs to i.e. ATT&T, NexTel,
> whoever.  Is this correct?

This highlights what I love about this industry.  Undoubtedly this question
comes as a response to the need of a client somewhere.  We, as web
designers/engineers, are expected to know everything from optimal palette
and color selection to interfacing with cell phone networks, from statistics
and analysis to interstate commerce laws, and in some cases even interior
and office workspace design.  Did I mention customer support best practices,
paper document reduction, and marketing.  The list obviously goes on and on.

What other profession asks so much of it's workers?  Wouldn't it be nice to
be a ditch digger for a change.  :-)

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It's free.

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