[thelist] CORRECTION: Re: using VBScript vs JScript/JavaScript (server-side) in ASP. Thought about Perlscript ASP?

Chris Nicholls evolt at axe.dircon.co.uk
Wed Sep 17 19:18:18 CDT 2003

 >> <http://mulit-edit.com>
Make that <http://www.multiedit.com>

If I wanted to edit a mullet, I'd reach for the clippers.


<tip type="Windows command prompt" author="Chris Nicholls">
If you frequent the command prompt under 2K/XP, speed things up with 
some doskey macros.

1. Edit the 'target' property of the shortcut you use to launch the 
command prompt
 thus : %SystemRoot%\system32\cmd.exe /k doskey /macrofile=c:\mydoskey.txt

2. Then merrily add shortcuts to the macrofile c:\mydoskey.txt
Here are some I made earlier...
'pbug' pops open the perl debugger [if you have perl] - useful for 
trying out gnarly regexes etc.
'o' opens an explorer window for the current directory.

o=%SYSTEMROOT\explorer .
n=%SYSTEMROOT%/notepad.exe $1
desk=cd %USERPROFILE%\desktop
pbug=perl -de "1;"


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