[thelist] Laptop - Web Design Wishlist

Tim Burgan burgan at iprimus.com.au
Wed Sep 17 21:01:27 CDT 2003

OK, I've just visited Dell's site [1] and customised my a Laptop to my

I've chosen the 8600 model over the 8500 cos it uses a Centrino with 1MB
The total for this came to $AU5,023.70 (inc GST).

It certainly is more than I need for Web Development, but going to be doing
some audio recording with it too for inclusion on my websites, and ProTools
users recommend a Centrino over Pentium 4M [2].

Here's the setup:

Inspiron 8600 Intel Pentium M 1.7GHz (15.4" WXGA)
   Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Network Card
   Integrated 1MB ON-DIE L2 Cache
   Intel(R) 855PM Chipset

Dell(TM) TrueMobile(TM) 300 Bluetooth Module
Intel(R) PRO Wireless 2100 WLAN (802.11b) miniPCI Card
Internal 56K Modem

1GB (2x512) DDR Memory PC2700 SDRAM
64MB DDR Nvidia Geforce4 4200 GO AGP 4X Graphics

60GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive
Internal 2X DVD+RW/+R with CDRW Combo Drive

Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Professional (English)

[1] <http://tinyurl.com/nrfh>
[2] <http://tinyurl.com/nrfk>

What do you think?
Tim Burgan

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