[thelist] Your top timesaving tips?

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Thu Sep 18 04:41:29 CDT 2003

Devote as much time to planning as possible
Write a good design document
Make sure the goals and success criteria are set
Wireframe everything and then get it signed off before design starts
Run paper prototype tests to discover issues as early as possible
Make sure approved copy is just that. Last minute copy changes are a 
Try to separate logic from view and content from presentation
Keep styles and scripts external
Make liberal use of include files
Comment your code
Backup and version

I'm sure there are loads more but there mostly common sense.

Paul Bennett wrote:

> I was wondering what the Evolters tips for saving time and effort on 
> web/application development are.
> the things I have found most helpful are:
> Save everything
> reuse code
> template code (in editor)
> test frequently
> bookmark good sites
> use utilities (arsclip/slugs)
> organise your files
> use descriptive file names
> ask questions
> set times for individual tasks.
> can anyone add to this?
> Paul Bennett
> Internet Developer
> Teltest Electronic Design
> http://www.teltest.com

Andy Budd


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