[thelist] Search Engine Placement

Andy Budd andy at message.uk.com
Thu Sep 18 11:01:55 CDT 2003

  Andrew wrote:

> what would a professional SEO cost approximately pa?

It would depend on a number of things. The size and state of the site. 
The number of search terms you wanted to target and the competitiveness 
of those search terms. How much work you were willing to do yourself 
and how much work you'd want the SEO expert to do. Most SEO's work on a 
daily rate and will advise you the most effective way to spend your 

It's kind of like somebody asking how much a website would cost. Until 
you know the scope it's difficult to put a finger on.

However avoid anybody who promises top ranking or your money back. Many 
of these people will use spam techniques that may get you to the top 
temporarily but in the long term these practices can get you banned.

Andy Budd


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