[thelist] Digital certificate error message

Joel Morris joelm at citycent.com
Thu Sep 18 11:35:52 CDT 2003

There is an error message that displays when I go to a client page at

The error message is: "The security certificate for this site has been
revoked. This site should not be trusted." When I click on "OK" the
alert box goes away, but it is impossible to get to the requested

However, this only occurs on my workstation - Win2K Pro, IE 6.0. If I
try it from the same machine with Firebird or Opera, everything is
fine. If I try it from other machines (WinXP Home and Pro), I also
don't get the error message.

The host swears that the certificate is not expired and is installed
correctly - I tend to trust them as they have been very reliable over
the years.

I've Google'd and MSDN'd the error message with no luck.

Does anybody know a) what causes the problem?, b) how to solve it?

Joel Morris
CityCenter Co.
Website Development & Marketing
mailto:joelm at citycent.com

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