[thelist] Removing Microsoft Word special characters

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Sep 18 12:23:31 CDT 2003

> > Is there a way to strip "smart" quotes, em dashes and 
> ellipses from Word
> > copy? (i.e. all "special" Word characters)
> It's easy in UltraEdit.

<snip />

> So it all depends where you are pasting from.  In my 
> experience, UltraEdit 
> is priceless.

I happen to also be a user and a fan of UltraEdit, but let's not get carried away. There is also this nifty little tool on my Windoze box called Notepad. Using Notepad, I could select the character, copy and paste into the Replace box and Replace All.

What would be a demonstration of the value of UltraEdit, and also a more useful answer to the original question, would be an UltraEdit macro that would replace all of these characters with acceptable substitutes.

Think computerization. :)


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