[thelist] Advisablitity of SSI

Carl Edwards edwards at vitesse.com
Thu Sep 18 13:31:53 CDT 2003


I use SSI exactly as you thought, a simple example
of press.shtml might be:

<!--#include virtual="/common/header.inc.html" -->
<title>page specific title</title>
<body id="press">
<!--#include virtual="/common/navigation.inc.shtml" -->
<!--#include virtual="press.inc.html" -->
<!--#include virtual="/common/footer.inc.html" -->

Of course the actual page HTML is more complicated and
as it got so I now wish I would have used templates.

I also mix PHP freely with this on our Apache server so
the same files can be used in scripts as well:

   include 'shared.inc.php';
   echo "<title>$pgtitle</title>\n";

-Carl Edwards

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> Hello, all,
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>    I suppose this is only really an issue if you are manually 
> coding and
> maintaining a site. If you are using content management 
> software, you can
> just set up the common elements as part of a template, and if 
> you change the
> template, all pages change automatically, either because they 
> are built
> dynamically already, or maybe are rewritten when their 
> dependencies change.
>    Comments?
> - John

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