[thelist] OSS Data-bound web grids (MySQL)

matt fetting fotwentae at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 18 13:48:09 CDT 2003

This is my first post. *Rings the welcome-bell*.

My searches for a tight data-bound web grid to allow for edit/display of 
MySQL data has resulted in little thus far, with the exception of a couple 
flimsy, non-editable Javascript grid controls. Is anyone aware of a stable, 
editable grid control of the open-source variety? Idealy, it would be 
something like these:


Where I'm coming from:
My project has me pulling data from 4 tables, creating a yearly staff 
calendar with two week date blocks on x and peoples' names on the y. About 
~350 cells all in all. Would love to avoid having to serve this off of MS 
resources that I don't have.


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