[thelist] HTML email (again!!)

Gregory Wostrel info at gwcreative.com
Thu Sep 18 21:19:24 CDT 2003

OK, I know that we just had a post about HTML email that I eagerly 
read, thinking "what timing!).

But here is my problem: I understand the pros and cons, heard the 
arguments, but my client wants to send them to people who have agreed 
to receive them - I have not a clue how to actually send them! I 
remember someone telling me once that I could send them with Netscape 
or Outlook and so on. But I want to build the page in BBEdit (or the 
like) and then send it. So I need an answer, please, about this most 
basic part. I have searched on Google, looked on Evolt, alistapart, 
webmonkey, no specifics, lots of "tips".

Can you help?

Gregory Wostrel

gw at gwcreative.com
Communications and the Art of Simplicity

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