[thelist] HTML email (again!!)

Jono Young jono at brookgroup.com
Thu Sep 18 21:56:03 CDT 2003

I recently worked on/built an html email for everyone's favorite Internet
service provider, and I had to test the email in AOL's Communicator.  If it
will work in AOL Communicator, and look good in Communicator, chances are
that it will display correctly in other email programs.  I did not do a lot
of testing, b/c the email was targeted towards AOL members. What I did was
build out the email like an ordinary html file, then opened the html file in
IE, right clicked in the page to select all, and copy.  I then launched AOL
Communicator, and pasted the copied html page content into the AOL
Communicator email.  I sent the email to myself, and looked it over to make
sure everything displayed correctly.  I followed guidelines similar to the
ones that were listed in this discussion earlier.  When you send the email,
you have to make sure the the images in the email are on a publicly
accessible server so that the images do not appear broken when someone opens
them.  I don't see why you couldn't follow the same procedure and send the
email with any other email app such as Outlook etc.  Go ahead and build the
page in any text editor, or WYSIWYG app, and just copy the html from IE into
your email app of choice and send away.  It's worth a test run at least.
Hope that helps...a little.

On 9/18/03 10:19 PM, "Gregory Wostrel" <info at gwcreative.com> wrote:

> OK, I know that we just had a post about HTML email that I eagerly
> read, thinking "what timing!).
> But here is my problem: I understand the pros and cons, heard the
> arguments, but my client wants to send them to people who have agreed
> to receive them - I have not a clue how to actually send them! I
> remember someone telling me once that I could send them with Netscape
> or Outlook and so on. But I want to build the page in BBEdit (or the
> like) and then send it. So I need an answer, please, about this most
> basic part. I have searched on Google, looked on Evolt, alistapart,
> webmonkey, no specifics, lots of "tips".
> Can you help?
> TIA,
> Gregory Wostrel
> gwcreative
> http://www.gwcreative.com/
> gw at gwcreative.com
> 401.286.9228
> Communications and the Art of Simplicity

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