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Michael Pemberton mpember at
Fri Sep 19 01:55:00 CDT 2003

Kelly Hallman <khallman at> wrote:

> (There is only vi...)

As someone who has recently attempted to make the move away from using a
Windoze system for some of my server systems (firewall, www, dbms etc).  It is
quite easy to find yourself neck deep in text files.

The last this I needed was a text editor where I needed to learn a special
command for such simple tasks as saving and existing.

In the same way that I am annoyed by people who buy huge 4WDs for driving
around town, I see very little point in using a "feature packed" editor when
all you want to do is cut and paste.

I have been using a package called Metapad for a while now.  I have now
stopped upgrading it when a new version comes out.  One simple reason:  too
many "features".  The program was great.  The they added more commands and

I'm all for discussion about personal preference, but it all must be seen in
context.  Each task requires a particular tool.  A swiss army knife is great
as a jack of all trades tool, but have you ever tried carving a roast with

I know i probably owe a tip, so I'll take the time it takes to drive home to
think of one and pay of my debt when I get home.

Michael Pemberton
evolt at

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