Notepad, and this list WAS Re: [thelist] Removing Microsoft Word special characters

Mike Migurski mike-evolt at
Fri Sep 19 02:29:39 CDT 2003

>> (There is only vi...)
>As someone who has recently attempted to make the move away from using a
>Windoze system for some of my server systems (firewall, www, dbms etc).
>It is quite easy to find yourself neck deep in text files.
>The last this I needed was a text editor where I needed to learn a
>special command for such simple tasks as saving and existing.

Try pico, it's also somewhat widespread and vastly simpler than vi -
you'll recognize the commands if you use pine for mail. But in vi's
defense, I'd say it's a good tool to learn, because it's ubiquitous.
I've yet to encounter a machine that lacks vi(m), so I've made a point of
becoming comfortable with it - so much so that I keep accidentally
bungling this message by typing vi commands that pine does not understand.


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