html & css aren't programming (WAS: RE: [thelist]Yourtoptimesaving tips?)

Jay Blanchard jay.blanchard at
Fri Sep 19 06:40:20 CDT 2003

"A markup language is a kind of text encoding that represents text as
well as details about the structure and appearance of the text."

"A programming language or computer language is a standardized
communication technique for expressing instructions to a computer. It is
a set of syntactic and semantic rules used to define computer programs.
A language enables a programmer to precisely specify what kinds of data
a computer will act upon, and precisely what actions to take under
various circumstances."

I think that encapsulates it quite nicely!

It does Steve, but you have set yourself up to be hit by the "HTML & CSS
are standardized
communication techniques for expressing instructions to a computer"
folks who will like to believe that HTML and CSS are programming

Tips are owed.

<tip type="PHP">
Want to see some fancy 404 work? The PHP web site has incorporated a
nify mechanism which allows you to type the URL followed by a slash and
the name you think a function might be. If what you have typed is a
function it takes you straight to the info. If it is close it makes
recommendations. If it really cannot be located it takes you to Google
results for the PHP site and the term you typed after the URL. Makes for
very quick location of functions in PHP. Here is one example another is
and yet another is

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