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Steve Cook steve.cook at
Fri Sep 19 06:54:03 CDT 2003

> It does Steve, but you have set yourself up to be hit by the 
> "HTML & CSS are standardized communication techniques for 
> expressing instructions to a computer" folks who will like to 
> believe that HTML and CSS are programming languages.

Nah - one has to take the entire definition, not just a single sentence

Another definition I have seen before is that a programming language has
to include control structures to shape the flow of program execution (A
GOTO for instance) and be able to address data in RAM or on a disk. 

> Tips are owed.

Yes - I hadn't considered this off-topic, but I guess it is really. Oh

<tip type="Evolt tips">
A tip in time saves nine!

<tip type="Google tricks">
Google can now save you time in doing basic and not so basic arithmetic.
The Google Calculator not only allows you to enter simple sums right
into Google's search box (1+3 for instance), but also to perform a range
of conversions and "interesting" calculations. It's all a godsend if you
have the Google toolbar active in your browser! An article in Kuro5hin
explains more...


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