[thelist] Development platform

angello angello at post.cz
Fri Sep 19 07:39:26 CDT 2003

try vmware - http://www.vmware.com/


John.Brooking at NA.SAPPI.COM wrote:

>Geoff Sheridan said:
>>Mac OS X is a superb web development platform.
>>For browser testing you can run KDE natively to text Linux/Unix, and 
>>VirtualPC allows better PC testing than a PC. (Can run multiple IE 
>>versions simultaneously) I can run IE 5, 5.5, 6, all the Mac 
>>browsers, Konquerer and Lynx simultaneously on a machine which is 
>>also a web server.Sweet. VPC isn't quick enough for doing much work 
>>in, but for testing and occasional use is good enough - KDE runs 
>>quick as anything.
>What about us poor slobs on Windows? Can anyone recommend a good way to set
>up, say, XP to be able to run multiple versions of browsers like Geoff can?
>(XP is my development box, and I mostly develop for ISP-hosted sites, so I
>don't have direct server access.) I think there is virtual box software out
>there for Windows, but what about emulating the Mac browsers?
>- John
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