[thelist] good programming practices for ASP with JavaScript

Sarah poohbear at designshift.com
Fri Sep 19 08:58:05 CDT 2003

Further to my question earlier this week about using JavaScript in ASP, I 
have decided to go ahead with this. Now I am having some difficulties 
remembering how to do certain things in ASP. I've done some intensive 
searching with Google, and read over several tutorials and FAQs looking for 
the information I need. But I'm still having problems finding answers to 
some of my questions.

I finally managed to connect to my database, using an ODBC DSN. Almost all 
of the examples I've seen of this include the following lines (in VBScript) 
after a query has been executed:
   set recordset = nothing
   set conn = nothing
My understanding is that this is a good practice, used to free up 
resources. However, I have no idea what the equivalent of "set x = nothing" 
is in JavaScript. Can someone let me know what it is, please?

Also, if anyone can refresh my memory as to other good practices for ASP 
(using JavaScript), I'd really appreciate it. Recommendations to good 
resources are also welcome - I have lots of sites bookmarked, but it's hard 
to tell which are any good.

Thanks so much to all the people who responded to my earlier question, and 
thanks in advance for any responses to this request!


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