html & css aren't programming (WAS: RE: [thelist] Yourtoptimesaving tips?)

Wil Cone wil at
Fri Sep 19 10:18:44 CDT 2003

I think the arguments over whether something is "programming", "coding",
"scripting", "markup" etc. are generally divisive, counter-productive,
and pedantic - "ivory tower" arguments, if you will. Having done a fair
share of java, php, and javascript programming, I concede that html/css
does not fit the CS/IT industry's narrow definition of "programming".
That said, html/css does fit a broader definition of "programming". 

When you write code (html/css) that tells the computer (browser) to do
something (e.g., to display something) in a specific way, then you are
programming. When you write * html div & @import filters to specify
different styles for different browsers, you are programming.

Are there differences between java, javascript, and html? Of course. Can
html do everything that javascript can? No. Can javascript do everything
that java can? No.

<tip type="time-saving apps">
Tired of searching for a specific class definition in your external CSS
files? BradSoft's TopStyle Pro 3.1 creates hyperlinks between classes in
an HTML document and the corresponding class definitions in external CSS
documents. A huge time-saver.

Tired of manually opening several browsers & copy/pasting URLs for
testing purposes? Optool 1.2 lets you specify a key combination and then
use it to pop-up a browser list off of any URL. Another handy

- Wil

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