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Cayley Vos cvos at netpaths.net
Fri Sep 19 13:05:37 CDT 2003

 Good Search Engine Placement  is surprisingly simple,  however extremely
tedious. Most people give up before getting results because they are either
targeting the wrong thing (inappropriate keywords) or use spam tactics
(anything that is deliberately hidden from SE spiders - includes cloaking
auto redirects, hidden text)

The most important step is choosing good keyword phrases. If you don¹t know
what you want to target you cant hit it. This step seems deceptively simple,
however it cannot be underestimated. You have to know your audience and know
what you are trying to push.  You are also limited to 3 keyword phrases.  It
is not possible to use the shotgun approach and get a top 10 rank for
everything.  If this was so, then every search would turnup amazon.com at
the top because there isn't anything they don¹t sell, besides milk. What do
you think Amazon would pay to have this happen?

To recap:  choose keywords wisely young skywalker

Keyword resource: Www.wordtracker.com

Tune in tomorrow for the continuation of this lecture.

> ...wants to improve his search engine placement.... is now looking
> for information as to how one improves his placement on the search engines.
> I myself know nothing about this. :)

Cayley Vos
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