[thelist] A JavaScript question

Thompson, Daniel Daniel.Thompson at fishnetsecurity.com
Fri Sep 19 17:00:18 CDT 2003

> and so this kinda thing: <a href="" class="menuText" 
> onMouseOver= 
> "document.getElementById('menu11').style.background-color = 
> '#FFFFFF';"> Editorial</a></td> should change the table cell 
> background to white when I roll over the link.
> Of course, it doesn't work. Actually it doesn't throw an 
> error either. Now I've come a cropper with getElementById 


JavaScript styles and CSS styles are different.

Try "backgroundColor" instead.

However, what you'd like to do is possible through pure
CSS: the trick is setting you're anchor element to
display:block and a width of 100%. Then, change the
Background-color (not backgroundColor) to white.

The bonus is that JavaScript isn't required.


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