[thelist] Laptop - Web Design Wishlis

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 19 21:22:54 CDT 2003

I use a 12 inch Macintosh laptop and it works just fine for me. It's a 
G3 with 640 MB RAM.  My eyes aren't quite 40 years old yet, but I'm 
getting close. I can still see things just fine.

My mac is not a big powerful computer, but who needs it. Web design is 
mostly text files. You only need the power if you require bloated 
memory hog products to write your text for you, or if you do a lot of 
graphic design. I have enough power to do what graphic design I need 
for the web.

At work I also use a laptop, but it's larger and it's a Dell. It has 
less RAM but seems faster.

I honestly can't tell the difference between a large screen and a small 
one and whatever the Dell has over the mac in speed the mac makes up 
for in elegance and beauty. I find more and more that I miss my mac 
when I'm at work rather than the other way around.


Subject: [thelist] Laptop - Web Design Wishlist

Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase a new laptop for Web Design purposes.

I would like one with a 17" screen, 1MB Cache, as much RAM as possible
(1GB??), fast Pentium M.

Optional: Firewire 800's, USB2's.

Does anyone have any recommendations?
What do you use?
What would you want to use?
Is there anything available that has my wishful above setup?

I'm looking a Wintel machine at the moment, but would look long and hard
at a PowerBook when they come out with G5's in them (whenever that'll

Tim Burgan

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