[thelist] getting RSS feeds via PHP

Dan Williams dan at ithium.net
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Hi there

It's not a common practice for good webhosts - I would recommend moving
if they don't change those restrictions. There is no other way to do
what you want.



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Hi all,

I'm trying to write some php to get, parse, and display RSS feeds.  Not 
a monumental task, I thought.
It seems, however, that my web host has fopen(), fsockopen(), and 
similar functions disabled.  I tried to be  clever and override this 
setting with:

ini_set ( 'allow_url_fopen', '1') or die('oh dang!');

but of course that'd be too easy. Does anyone have any experience with 
alternate solutions? Is there any way to access remote files without 
fopen()? Is this a common function for hosting providers to disable?


mark at marksdigital.com

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