[thelist] getting RSS feeds via PHP

Mark Lee leemark at isu.edu
Sat Sep 20 18:43:13 CDT 2003

Dan Williams wrote:

>...but that assumes that his host has not disabled all sockets, which
>seems likely. After all, why disable fsockopen() and allow other
I think Dan's right. As a permanent solution, I think changing hosts is 
the way to go. I should mention that this particular project is just 
something I'm playing around with in my (meager) spare time on what's 
basically a personal site, just for fun and the experience, so I may not 
change hosts right away.

Assuming there is no way to do this from on the site itself, this is 
what I'm thinking about trying as a hack/kludge/workaround:

   1. A test machine on my local (home) network has a php script to get,
      parse, and output the RSS feed(s) to a php file.
   2. Upload the php file containing the output via FTP to my somewhat
      crippled hosting space
   3. Both of the are scheduled as a cron job to happen every 3 or 6 hrs

If anyone sees this as an exceptionally bad idea (for security or any 
other reasons), please let me know, otherwise I'm going to give it a shot.

Thanks for the info and links, everyone.


mark at marksdigital.com

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