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Dan Williams dan at ithium.net
Sun Sep 21 11:09:02 CDT 2003

Most hosts will let you "park" the domains. Basically there is a main
domain associated with the account, and then you park all the others,
which makes them all go to the same place. That way, going to
www.abc.com will be the same as going to www.123.com.

Search engines won't mind this, as they will treat every domain


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I have just been requested to order many domains that will all be
associated with one main domain.

The question is do I sub mask them all to the main domain or do I create
individual index pages that will point to the main domain name?

My concern will be search engines not liking this practice?  Will the
main domain be less thought of for having 20 domains poiting to it?  Or
submasked to it?


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