[thelist] link borders on a MAC

Maisha Walker maisha at e-vent.org
Sun Sep 21 16:03:43 CDT 2003

I have a Web site that I built for a friend.

When you look at it on a PC none of the links have borders around 
them when you click on them.  But on a MAC, the borders appear 
when you click on the links. This is a problem because it really 
interferes with the contiuous/flash smoothness feeling of the site.

I have already set the borders to 0 is there any other way to get rid 
of those link borders on a MAC??

Here's the site - of course, you'll only see the link borders if you're 
using a MAC and if you click on something: www.leifparsons.com.

many thanks for any suggestions!

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